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Is hugo insurance legit? No doubt it’s a new insurance company in the market with limited coverage area like they only expended into the 9-10 States of America But the service they provide is totally new and amazing. Oh I forget to tell you that is hugo insurance legit or not? We don’t have that much of data that confirmed that is hugo insurance is legit but as per the feedback on market by other user of Hugo Insurance most of the users are happy with the services. So if you seeking is hugo insurance legit, yes its Legit for Now!!

Is Hugo Insurance Legit?

Yes! Hugo insurance legit it’s a real insurance company many people are using their services which is new in market and more adjustable and cheaper than other traditional insurance Policies. According to the Market Study Majority users are happy with services because they provide less rate and more flexibility with insurance. They are the first who provide the world’s first pay as you drive liability insurance which is more useful and you don’t need to pay extra if you are not using it.

With their new policy pay as you drive liability insurance they have eliminated the non-use of insurance and down the policy payment and allow customer to turn their coverage on and off on their phone which is also easy to use in app.

How Does Hugo Auto Insurance Work?

In auto insurance sector hugo expanded their business on fastest way in last 2 Year. They are one of the raising business in whole America. All because of new method of insurance people are liking their services and with their app access its also easy to avail and use.

Any driver can make their auto insurance policy with using credit card, debit card or prepaid card till now bank transfers are not accepted but that would also be added in near future hope so!

What is most import and why people now days using this most is because hugo insurance company provide the service of insurance only for those days in which you drive your car or motorcycle.

Meanwhile other companies are charge insurance for those days in which you haven’t drove your car but in hugo insurance its different you have to pay for those day only in which you drive the car. You can pause insurance on your vacations and hugo insurance will only charge for your working days.

Its amazing right!! You have been looking for these kind of insurance policy.

What makes Hugo Insurance Unique?

Let’s discus about what makes this insurance unique and more likely to use because the service they provide, I don’t think so no other auto insurance company can provide of right now no insurance company provide insurance services like this.

  1. In hugo auto insurance, insurance policy holder can make micro payment, so no big burden on people who using insurance.
  2. Pay only on demand there are no down payment of hidden charges.
  3. Pay car insurance premiums for only the days you drive your car.

Hugo Insurance Operates Locations

Hugo car insurance head office situated in Santa Monica, California (CA) and very quickly they are expanding their business in different states.

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • Illinois

So! If you are in these states you can visit their offices for more detailed information before using the Hugo Car insurance and you can also check is hugo insurance legit or is hugo car insurance legit, is hugo a real insurance company.

Checkout Hugo Insurance Official page and find out is hugo insurance legit?

What is Hugo Insurance Rate

Hugo Insurance policy is more flexible than other auto insurance policies. Hugo insurance rates are changing day to day. It will be not the same as yesterday policy rates its amazing that you just only have to pay when you need to drive your car and only pay as per the same rate charges.

Factor that can affect the Rate of Insurance

You can face some issue with and may have doubt is hugo insurance legit or not than before thinking is hugo insurance legit or not you may aware of the reason of which can affect the rate of insurance while you pay the insurance premium.

  1. When Vehicle is New: if you are old insurer of any company than you may know that older car insurance have lesser than the new car. So if you have new vehicle than your insurance premium may be higher than others.
  2. Accidental Car: Accident that leads to a claim could lead to a daily rate hike. If your car anyhow met with accident than its obvious that your insurance will be little higher.
  3. Changing in Owner: Frequently changing in owner will also leads to the insurance hike so avoid using old cars which is 2nd or 3rd Hand owners.

For further more details you can visit their offices or website is easily accessible to anyone who are interested in taking insurance from hugo insurance company.

What are the Popular Plans of Hugo Insurance?

Hugo insurance company offer the different policies that suit the person who looking for suitable insurance policy.

  1. Flex Plan: – Hugo flex plan is pay per day plan you only have to pay when you use your car to drive. In the flex plan of hugo insurance you have to buy the days like 3, 7, 14, or you may buy 30 days and add as much day you required in insurance policy and hugo will charge according to days only.
  2. Basic Plan:- Hugo basic plan is like other traditional insurance but little different on it.
  3. Full Plan:- Full plan refer to the full coverage plan for your vehicles (comprehensive + collision coverage). Full plan coverage is preferable for those who love to add most coverage their vehicle which also includes Roadside Assistance and Towing.
is hugo insurance legit

Advantages of Hugo Insurance (Why you should choose Hugo Insurance)

If you are looking for fixable auto insurance than hugo auto insurance is the best choice for all the driver who want to cover their complete vehicle with minimum charges. Its make driver to make smaller payment on monthly basis which you can pay only if you drive your vehicle otherwise you can turn off you insurance whenever you vehicle is stopped.

Here is few advantage of Hugo Insurance you may like it.

  • No large upfront fees or other fees, ever.
  • Turn OFF, pay $0
  • Turn ON instantly
  • Earn cash rewards
  • Same-day claims pay
  • Medical
  • Accidental Death
  • Rental Insurance

Pros and Cons of Hugo Insurance

Its obvious that every system has their own pro and cons that could be good for some people or not good for some people to here we’ll discuss about some pro and cons and find out is Hugo insurance is legit?

Hope after understanding the pro and cons you may can take clear decision on about is Hugo insurance legit or not or you should go with Hugo insurance or not.

Flexible: Hugo’s insurance plans are more flexible that other traditional insurance policies it’s only allow you to pay car insurance when needed.Limited plan variety: Their pay-per-day option is only available in the Flex plan, which is just liability insurance.
User-friendly: they are operating with their digital modes like application, their app and website have an intuitive interface. Drivers can access insurance proof and make policy changes in minutes from their phones.Limited availability: its and big issue with hugo insurance compnay, They are currently only available in 9 states. Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
Rewards: Under the Hugo Insurance company cash rewards rewords are offered by company that are available for using their service.Few coverage options: Hugo Insurance do not offer many different types of coverage. For example, they don’t allow drivers to bundle with renters, homeowners, business, or life insurance products and more.

How to Claims Hugo Auto Insurance

If you are looking for how to get claim from hugo insurance company that its an easy process just visit hugo insurance official website. Click to “HELP” and select the “Fill a Claim” Option. Company will provide you the phone number that help you on your claim settlement.

Hugo Insurance Claims, Customer care phone number

Phone: 515-303-2410

What Makes Hugo Insurance Legit and Unique

There are so many things which make hugo insurance unique and yes if you have question that is hugo insurance legit that yes its legit and real company that provide insurance like dream come true of all the drivers. This is the company that make it possible and surprises the whole insurance industries.

  • A customer can make micropayments
  • Pay on demand only and there are no down payments
  • No hidden fees attached with auto insurance policy
  • Paying car insurance premiums for only the days you drive your car

Hugo Car Insurance Reviews by Customer

Most important question is Hugo insurance legit or not only customer will tell more about it so here we have some trusted website where people put their reviews about services You may liked it

Trust Pilot: In trust Pilot Hugo Insurance was rated 4.9/5 Stars

Consumers Advocate: In Consumers Advocate Hugo insurance Rated 3.8/5 Stars

GetApp: In GetApp Hugo insurance Rated 3.8/5 Stars

hugo insurance review

Is Hugo insurance legit?

So if you are looking for the answer of is Hugo insurance legit of not than its a big Yes and customer reviews prove that Hugo insurance company is legit and doing great job in Auto Insurance.

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Is Hugo Insurance Legit?

All the customer review are positive and people are really using hugo insurance and most of the people are stratified with Insurance policies.

Hugo Insurance Cover in Which States

Till Now Hugo Insurance cover only 9 States in United States Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Hugo Insurance Customer Care Number

You can visit their website for contact number anytime you required also here is the number if you looking for 515-303-2410

How do I file a claim with Hugo Insurance?

Visit hugo insurance official app or website Go to Help and click to Fill the Claim you’ll get call from Hugo team or at the same time you’ll get number of hugo insurance for help in.

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