Does Adjusting Your Car Height Void Insurance?

Does Adjusting Your Car Height Void Insurance? Yes it can void the insurance policy any kind of vehicle modification can void the car insurance policy. Car manufacturing companies standardize the dimension of car and according to the specification car insurance company estimate the value of Car and changes without information or notifying car insurance company may void of decrease car insurance valuation.

Most people don’t know this fact about the motor vehicle medication insurance policy, and never thought of does adjusting your car height void insurance or other modification impact the insurance and motor vehicle market value. And under this unawareness they modify the vehicle and voice auto insurance policy unwantedly.

Does Adjusting Your Car Height Void Insurance?

Any kind of Upgradation of Modification may void the insurance policies of Auto insurance. All automobile vehicle comes with standard specifications & features and insurance company always make their insurance and claim policies according to keep in mind of the vehicles.

So Adjusting Your Car Height, length and other modification may void Insurance policy unless you notify or inform insurance company about your vehicle modification and insurance company agree on that and gives undertaking on modification.

Only in this case after the modification you don’t void the auto insurance because all the modification are done by the approval of insurance company and they don’t have objection on the modification.

What is Vehicle Modification?

Vehicle modification is known as any kind of custom change in vehicle done by the vehicle owners to enhance the power of vehicle or for good looks of vehicles, it can be anything like adjusting your car height as well.

  • Hers is some example of car modification:
  • Modify the car storage system
  • Make a sunroof on the car
  • Tattooed the car
  • Replacing the old wheel with the alloy wheels rim.
  • Increase the car by height or Length.
  • Modification in the car exhaust system.

Car Modification Effect on Insurance

Car Modification Effect on Insurance, More than 55% People modify their Vehicle weather it’s a car or bike. People love to customize and modify their rides but they don’t know that how car modification can affect your car insurance.

Every time you modify your vehicle that affect your car final value and directly affect your car insurance. Once you modify your vehicle insurance company lower your car or bike final value which is also known as market value.

Market value of any vehicle decide the Insurance claim value, so every time you think for the modification also think that also affect your car insurance.

What Counts as a Modification for Car Insurance

When it comes into the car insurance the major changes that affect the performance of your vehicle, in simple terms any modification in vehicle car hardware that impact the power and performance of vehicle can affect the car insurance.

Major Cosmetic changes are also consider as a modification like new paint on vehicle let take few examples of what counts as modification for car insurance.

  • Upgrading the Intake or Exhaust
  • Adding a Turbocharger
  • Installing a New Engine
  • Increasing the Displacement
  • Change That Affects the Engine’s Power
  • Modification of Suspension or Wheels
  • Adding New Accessories like Lights or Spoilers

Which Modification Decreases the Insurance Value?

After knowing that fact that modification can void the car insurance policy and you surly got your answer about does adjusting your car height void Insurance or not?

Know you might be curious to know that which modification decreases the insurance value of your car insurance policy. So, all the modification will affect your bike or car insurance value but there is some major modification that can leave a huge impact on your auto car insurance quotes or claims.

You are adding new items, sometime luxury items which can cost more than your car but still it decreases the overall value of vehicle in market. These are some major changes that leave a huge impact on auto insurance (car insurance/ bike insurance).

does adjusting your car height void insurance

Major Changes that Impact Car Insurance (auto Insurance)

  • Structural Changes in the Car or Bike (Height or Length)
  • Custom Painting on car is also consider and medication of car
  • Change in components of car to improve the car’s performance and will increase its efficiency.

Minor Changes that Impact Auto Insurance Value (Car or Bike Insurance)

There is some minor changes that you may think not consider as modification but can impact the car insurance value. You should always check the list of modification while buy the car insurance policy quotes.

Check out the minor changes which count as modification and affect car insurance value.

  • Modification in Suspension Or Wheels.
  • Installing a Lift Kit
  • Cosmetic Changes Like Tattoo & graphics
  • Adding New Accessories like Lights or Spoilers

So if you want to make some changes in your car than please visit your insurance provider company and get full details how you modification will impact your car market value and car insurance claims and policies.

Why Do Car Adjustments Affect Insurance?

Now every one of you are aware of that insurance value may affect due to the modification. Whenever you Adjusting Your Car Height Void Insurance policy and decreases the car value in market.

It is happened because all these part which are used to modify the vehicle are non branded and dose not approved by the car manufacturer or insurance company, hence every time you made changes in your vehicle the insurance value of vehicle will decrease.

That is Why Do Car Adjustments Affect Insurance and decrease the car insurance value.

Documents Required After Car Modification

Hope all the information in this blog will help you to decide about your vehicle modification and most of you are now will skip the plan of car modification due to the reason of value decline of your car and also affect the car insurance value.

Still some of you would like to take risk of value decrease of your car/bike and there is way you can avid the value decreasing by the modification of your car.

You need to submit certain documents under the certain scenarios insurance company allow the modification and does not affect your car insurance value.

  • Request Letter from the insurance policyholder.
  • GST Invoice of Modification
  • Car Ownership Documents
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Policy Physical Documents

That may be work only your car got damaged on any road rage and car accident, although car was damage and replacement of damages part is necessary, only that time insurance company do not void your insurance.

Things To Remember While Doing The Car Modification

There is few thing in general you need to keep in mind while the car modification process.

  • Try to install only Branded Parts
  • Avoid using old parts from other local brand
  • Be presented at the time of modification
  • Try to modify your car from brand car modification centre
  • Don’t forget to ask for GST invoice. Try not to go to any local mechanical center.

Do You Have To Declare All Modifications on Car Insurance

Generally its not an mandatory thing to declare all modification on car to the insurance company, people don’t usually do that. Nobody bother to visit or email to insurance company about their modification or some people intentionally hide the car modification from the insurance company to avoid the risk of insurance void.

But in a right manner you should inform about your vehicle modification to the insurance company that will help you to get easy claim if you required.

Also if insurance company aware about your modification they may help you to suggestion of upgrade your insurance plan to the most suitable plane for you.

What Happens if I Don’t Declare Modifications on Car

Usually more than 90% of people are not bother to inform about the car modification to their insurance company but here is some drawback that you have to face if you don’t declare modification on car.

  • Vehicle modifications can void manufacturer’s warranty
  • You’ll be responsible for all repairs
  • Modifications can also affect your car’s market resale value
  • Buyers may be turned off If you plan on selling your car

Conclusion of How Modification Void Car Insurance Value

Conclusion of this blog is to share the information about Does Adjusting Your Car Height Void Insurance?. Yes any kind of noticeable changes that impact the power, performance and appearance of car can void the car insurance. if you are going to modify your car suspension, wheels, lift kit, light and other accessories even if you paint the car that can void the car insurance. but their is some ways you can save your insurance by cancelation.

Also its good to inform insurance company about the modification of car, so that insurance company can help you to get your claim at the time you apply for claim amount.

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